Lost Ark Arcanist Identity Mechanic

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Lost Ark Arcanist Identity Mechanic

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Like many of the advanced classes, the Arcanist Lost Ark Gold has her own unique identity mechanic. Each attack replenishes her identity gauge. This gauge is sometimes referred to as the gauge on deck.

After filling, she'll draw one card from her deck . This card can be used immediately for some additional effects, or it can be stored to be used later. There is a limit of 2 cards to be held at a given time. By pressing the Z or X key to release the left or the right card, respectively, will activate the cards and activate their buffs or effects.

As we have mentioned earlier as stated above, the Lost Ark best place to buy Lost Ark Gold Arcanist uses cards to cause a variety of debilitating impacts on their opponents. Certain cards bring benefits to the team while limiting their adversaries, but the most effective effects are typically determined through luck.
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