uses of basalt rock

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uses of basalt rock

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uses of basalt rock
Basalt rocks are natural raw materials that do not cause any harm to the environment, as basalt rocks do not produce any toxic emissions during production and processing processes, which made this stone a basic material used in many different fields, and the following are the following: Uses of basalt rocks:

Basalt fibers are used in thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation, where E-glass, R-glass and S-glass have been replaced by basalt fibers, because basalt fibers have higher insulation values ​​than different types of glass, and it should be noted that the diameter of basalt fibers can be controlled, ensuring that no fibers are produced Harmful, basalt fibers are also used to insulate electrical and other cables

Basalt is used in many construction works, as it is used in the construction of road bases and sidewalks. It is also a component of concrete mixes, in addition to being used in; railway construction, and as filter stones in sanitation projects, as well as in the manufacture of tiles and building panels for the construction of buildings or monuments

Basalt is used to manufacture a specific fertilizer known as basalt rock dust fertilizer, which is widely used by farmers. This basalt fertilizer promotes plant growth, as well as being used to prevent weeds from spreading in flower beds and other unwanted areas.

Basalt is used in many industries, due to its high tensile strength, as the tensile strength of basalt is greater than the tensile strength of carbon fibers or fiberglass, and thus molten basalt compounds are used in the manufacture of pipes and rods used in the construction of wind turbine blades, and basalt is used in the orthopedic industry.

Basalt is an ideal material for interior decoration, as it is used as panels for walls, countertops and fireplaces. The main reason for using basalt in interior decoration is due to its high thermal insulation capacity, which does not involve any toxic risks unlike some other organic materials.

The use of basalt is included in the decoration of jewelry, such as; Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches and cufflinks. It is worth noting that basalt was widely used during the German and Roman Empires to make beautiful vases, jewelry and columns.

Rosetta Stone Industry
The use of basalt rocks is included in the manufacture of the Rosetta Stone, and the Rosetta Stone is known as a witness made of granodiorite, and this stone was discovered in Egypt in 1799 AD. The ancient Egyptians also used the Rosetta Stone to write hieroglyphs, which allowed their history to be determined.

A memorial is defined as a three-dimensional structure created to commemorate an event or person. Basalt stone is one of the most important and important materials used in the construction of monuments and other monuments, as it is used in the manufacture of; Statues, historical buildings, cultural assets and archaeological sites.

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