How do I learn a programming language?

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How do I learn a programming language?

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programming language
The human being works on understanding with the computer through commands and special languages ​​called programming languages, which are a package of commands that are entered into the computer, and the process of encoding and analyzing them goes through several stages so that the computer can absorb them and thus implement them, and it is common knowledge that the computer absorbs and implements Programming languages ​​are divided into two parts

High-level languages, which are easy for humans to understand as well, and low-level languages, also called machine language, which are difficult for humans to understand and understand. Rules specific to the language used to write commands and thus encode and execute them

Each programming language is characterized by a set of characteristics that distinguish it from other languages ​​and make them suitable, and of course, there are common characteristics between some programming languages, and programming languages ​​are developed based on computer development (Hardware).

Programming languages ​​features
Information storage: Programming languages ​​store information according to the binary system, which is a system that depends on the two numbers zero and one, and storage is done in digital devices, and the processing process begins with a set (bits), and the bit is the smallest unit of information storage in modern computers.

Management and organization of commands: The information that the programmer enters is subject to several operations such as storage, comparison, reading, in addition to arithmetic operations using specific rules of the programming language used, which in turn controls the process of organization with regard to conducting operations, starting gradually by implementing the steps of operations.

Special design: It is possible to classify programming languages ​​according to the construction method into procedural languages, which are known as sequential languages, and in the construction process depend on the foregoing variables and data and work on their implementation, and object languages, which are languages ​​known as non-serial, which depend on the basis of the elements and variables used to perform a transformation Commands and information within the required program.

Types of programming languages
Low Level Languages: They are languages ​​that do not provide large operations of abstraction or implementation of the computer's set of instructions and may not provide the processing process at all as well, and can be converted into machine code without the need for the use of a translator, and the written program is characterized by These languages ​​are fast to implement and not difficult to use, for example:

Machine Language.
Assembly Language
High Level Languages: This type of language is the easiest in terms of use as it uses commands and instructions close to human language, in contrast to low-level programming language, examples of which are C, C++, C#, Logo.

How to learn a programming language
It is no longer difficult or impossible to learn the programming language and its professionalism, but all you have to do is be patient and diligent to get what you want, and it is natural that you do not have any previous knowledge of it, you will find it difficult, but with learning and practice it is not like that at all, and if you learn Programming language, so start researching carefully among the programming languages ​​that meet your needs in practical life, and after reaching a satisfactory result, you will start with the following steps:

Read the topic in general for the first time with focus and an attempt to comprehend.
Start by learning the writing and grammar of programming languages.
Apply what you read, given the information that the application embeds in memory.

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