How AI will Change Education

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How AI will Change Education

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There is nothing new in applying AI to learning. In 1912, Edward Thorndike introduced his idea about The Learning Machine. The machine could ask questions of the learner and suggest further readings, if required. Because there were no modern computers invented at that point, The Artificial Intelligence Development Service Company applied punch cards to run Adaptive Learning features 100 years before the concept of Adaptive Learning became popular in practice.

Adaptive learning applies computational methods that fit into the AI-family, and so we can call it AI. There are also two generations of adaptive learning. Prior to the 1990s, adaptive learning was based on rules found in scientific research and then programmed into machines. Post the 90’s, real-time data was used in order to provide highly individual learning experiences for the learner and detailed learning analytics. This required other technologies like fast internet, big memories, own devices, and computation power to support AI.
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