brick industry

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brick industry

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Bricks are stones that are cooked by fire and used in construction or covering the main building facade. The brick used for covering and decorating the roofs of houses is one of the most widespread engineering systems in the world. The pottery he used to bring water and preserve food. The bricks are considered to be resistant to moisture, high heat, and soil salinity. The reason for the red color in most types of bricks is due to the use of iron oxide in it, which dyes it red.

brick industry
bring clay from quarry to factory; This is done by a large truck designated for this, and sometimes the clay is stored in advance, to be used later in the manufacturing process.
clay preparation process; In this stage, the clay is crushed when it enters the factory.

clay grinding process; Where clay is mixed with water, and other materials; Such as (Al-Saqqat), which is an anthracite that helps in the combustion process, and this step improves the cohesion and hardness of the clay.
shaping or cutting stage; In it, the treated clay is placed in an interconnected tape, cut by wire, or placed in molds 'presses' to form the final clay.
drying stage; This is either in the open air, or in a designated shed, or in special drying ovens.
brick burning process; During this final process, bricks are set on fire in kilns; To give it firmness and the final look.

Specifications of good tile
There are many characteristics that a good tile has, and they are as follows:
Little or no water absorption.
Fixed colors that do not fade or reduce in the different stages of brick making and processing.

Good ceiling specification
Judging a good tile roof, or an ideal tiled canopy, depends on the following criteria:
Distribution of the amount of iron in it according to engineering standards and controls, the iron structure must be able to bear heavy weights, and the iron should be resistant to weather fluctuations.
The consistency of the geometric shape, gives the house a beautiful and sophisticated look.

formation of an appropriate slope; It allows rainwater to flow and not to collect between the bricks during the winter.
Preserving heat in the winter, protecting the house from rain, keeping the house cool in summer, and protecting solar tanks from high temperatures.
Noise reduction, and this depends on the method of implementation, the nature of the materials used and their specifications.

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